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What People Are Saying About Us...


We strive to provide the best possible service for our clients.


Preview Testimonials of our High Desert Tax Services


The following feedbacks were kindly provided by our clients.

"I was very pleased with how Tax Solution Services communicated with me and worked very hard on my case.  They got me an acceptance of an Offer In Compromise. I am now debt free! Thank you!"

Henry J.


"Reading a small concise advertisement in the Daily News, my inquiry of services offered by Scott M Penn CPA, PC was quickly and clearly explained. An appointment was set within a few days and documentation needed for a review of my dilemma was outlined. The level of comfort I  felt while sharing my dire issues and intense fear of the IRS was reassuring. My decision to retain the Scott Penn, CPA, PC firm was quickly and very easily made. This journey was professionally and compassionately handled from inception to finalization... Thank You!"

Dorothy S.

“I am writing this memo to commend the superb income tax and IRS problem solving services that I received from Mr. Scott M. Penn. I have used his expertise on several occasions over the past two years and found his sensitivity, thoroughness, and consummate professionalism, have exceeded my expectations. I have recommended Mr. Penn to friends and colleagues and will continue to praise his prompt and expert work.”

William M.

“We were working with another CPA doing an Offer in Compromise with the IRS when the CPA had a heart attack and passed away. His office referred us to Scott Penn at Scott M Penn, CPA. He took over our case and was very efficient at completing the Offer in Compromise with an exciting outcome for us. He was very honest and straightforward which made him pleasant to work with. We appreciate what he did for us very much.”

Curtis & Flenda F.

“The purpose of this letter is to commend Scott Penn and to testify to his professionalism, unwavering dedication to his clients and his willingness to take “no” for an answer when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and other tax agencies.”

“Your tax problems become his tax problems from the day you become his client. That, in itself, is only one of the burdens he will relieve you of. Scott took my case in late 1999, and when I saw only hopelessness through denial after denial, he always saw a light, no matter how dim, at the end of the tunnel. He stays abreast of the latest changes to tax laws and applies that knowledge to your benefit.

An equitable settlement was reached in October 2002 for pennies on the dollar, just as his advertisement states. I can and do, without reservation, recommend Scott Penn to handle your business or personal taxes, regardless of whether or not you have a tax problem.”

Howard D.

“Just want to send a Thank You for your services this 2010 tax year. Being a small business and new homeowner, new to the High Desert and not knowing the ins and outs of taxes can be scary. Having you so prepare our taxes was less expensive than what we expected and a great education for both my wife and I. We loved sitting in your office as you went over our taxes and included us in the whole process from beginning to end. We have to admit not one part was overwhelming and we are grateful. We will continue to use your services. We were so pleased; we already recommended friends and family. Thank you!”

George G.

“Anyone requiring professional, competent tax advice and preparation should consider the services of Scott M Penn, CPA. My wife and I have been Scott Penn’s clients for 10 years. We’ve been impressed with his courteous demeanor and expert attention to our tax planning needs. Scott has also recently helped us with tax issues regarding a family trust. We believe it was well worth having Scott assess our income tax concerns.”

Richard C.

“Although the notice posted on your lobby exclaims ‘Procrastination on your part does not necessitate an emergency on our part’ you made my urgency your own and accommodated my brother on extremely short notice. Your efforts make me feel genuinely important – kind of like a ‘big shot’.”

Noel K.

“We just wanted to say Thank You and your staff for all the time you put into your profession and giving us the quality service we have received for the past 6 years. We enjoy coming into your office for those informative appointments and updating us on the new tax laws. We are very fortunate to have you as our accountant and a friend who cares about our best interest on our finances. We know that anytime we’re going to make a major financial decision we can turn to you for your professional advice. We recommend you to our family, friends, and neighbors who are looking for an accountant with high integrity, and who is responsive to clients’ questions and concerns with exceptional service.”

Jose & Maria G.

“ ‘Need a Tax Guy?’ –My wife and I did eleven years ago, when we moved to the High Desert. Thank goodness we were guided to Scott. Scott, and his staff have made that time of the year (tax time) a worry free period for us—just bring him the facts and, and relax, as your concerns will be dealt with professionally, honestly, and will be a experience too!”

Phil J.

I would like to take a minute and commend Scott on a job well done regarding my tax return. I’ve always prepared them myself in the past. Since I have acquired property, I thought it would be best to have a professional prepare them. Boy was I amazed as to how much I could gain by doing so! Scott was fast, efficient and thorough… I look forward to being his client for years to come.

Nancy R.

“We want to thank you for all that you have done and all that you are doing on our behalf. You’ll probably never really know what a blessing you have been for Larry & me.”

Betty M.

“Thank you so much for all you have done to help me with the Board of Equalization. I still believe the truth will prevail and there will be a good & happy ending to my tax problem.”


“Talk about stress reduction! Scott made a bad situation much better, penalties & interest were reduced over $1300 to the IRS.”

Beth A.

“A phone call, a consultation, a reasonable fee and my IRS problems have been resolved in a timely manner. Many thanks to Scott Penn at Scott M Penn, CPA.”

Mike C.

Carol and I wish to thank you for all the help in our IRS challenges. The burden was lifted immediately in just the fact we didn’t have to talk to them anymore. In closing, thanks again to you personally for saving us a ton of stress and a lot of money!

Jon & Carol J.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for the service you provided in the preparation of my 2009 tax return and the time and care put into it. I felt relieved and confident that it would be handled well... and it was. Being new to the area, I am fortunate to have found such trustworthy and caring professional such as yourself.

Doreen Y.

Scott Penn has done our taxes for the last several years. We would highly recommend him to everyone. He is very thorough and efficient and has a complete knowledge of the tax laws and procedures. We had a specific problem last year that he was able to help us through. He also provides an informative and helpful newsletter during the year and his office staff is very friendly, efficient, and courteous. He’s the best!

Nancy S.

A quick note! I love that your firm is family run and that’s how u treat me as well. Anytime I have had questions or something changed in my life you guys have always helped me steer in the right direction for me and my family. I can trust your knowledge and all your hard work thank you for all you do!

Scott & Pam P.

Carol and myself wish to thank you for all the help in our IRS challenges. The burden was lifted immediately – in just the fact we didn’t have to talk to them any more! In closing thanks again to you personally for saving us a ton of stress and a lot of money!

Jon & Carol J.

My husband and I own and operate 2 Magazine Franchises. In late 19XX our accountant literally disappeared without filing any of our personal or business returns for that year. Not being accounting savvy individuals we were quite frankly panicked over the unfiled returns. We contacted Scott Penn on a recommendation. This turned out to be the best recommendation we ever received. Not only did Scott step right in and take charge to get our records in order and get the returns filed on time but he also implemented a software package that automated our business and will prevent us from being devastated in the future by “disappearing” accountants. I would fully recommend Scott, his expertise and “can do” attitude are invaluable.

Lynelle M.

Hi Scott…Haven’t had much computer time lately but I try to read as much as possible. All of your info seems to make sense to me and would work in our situation. I appreciate it and I feel with most financial analysts/CPA folks that it would only be about them and the business or pocketbooks…And not about their client(s). Maria and I feel that you have honestly taken an interest in our case and situation. We truly appreciate your help and interest in us as not only clients and friends alike. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Rickey & Maria C.

Dear Scott:

Thank you for taking the time to go over my income, as small as it may be. Even though you said my adjusted gross income was below the standards for having to file, I still look forward to your viewing my finances in the years to come. I want to stay in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service and by you doing this I feel I am. Your knowledge of Tax Preparation gives me a certain satisfaction of knowing that everything was done correctly. Thank you again. I will see you next year.

Nancy R.

Scott has helped me with my taxes when no one else has been able to help me. He got me a refund that I had been waiting for 5 years. He and his staff are so friendly.

Cindy D.

I appreciate the speed that Scott got our two corporate tax returns done.  Despite the fact that we now live 100 miles away from your office, I have still chosen to use Scott M. Penn because he is honest and is a hard worker who gets what it takes to run a business.  His staff has always been professional, courteous, and respectful and I appreciate the service that we have received over the past 10 years.

Paul W.